When the Material World Catches Up

When you’ve just spent the week caring for an ailing, post-knee-surgery spouse who can’t walk, drive, or pick up your cranky preschooler –

When your kid has had 2 bad colds and a scary-high 24 hour fever in the past 10 days –

When your 4-day-a-week office job suddenly requires 8 days just to get your to-do-by-tomorrow list done –

– the best course of behaviour is to get really, really sick. Try fighting it at first. “It’s just a cold!” you croak merrily, blowing horrifying amounts of snot into your environmentally-sound but actually quite disgusting handkerchief as your Kleenex-loving colleagues look on, eyes blinking with disgust. Then show up at work for two desperate days to Power Through The Work, staring with your tiny, bloodshot eyes out of your painfully congested, balloon-sized head punctured by sinus headache-pins at the tiny, tiny words on the computer screen.

And then, suddenly, you’re done. The charade is over. You’re hot and prickly with cold all at the same time; you’re shivering; your tongue feels strange; you’ve definitely got a fever yourself (damn you, child!) – and it’s all you can do to wait 5 more minutes before climbing into bed after keeping your one last commitment: to write on your still-very-new blog once a week. Tick! And now, to bed.

See you on the other side, friends. Until then, keep it semi-material, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

About Lisa

Living with stuff since 1972. Writing about it since 2011.
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