This is me.

Hello! Welcome to Semi-Material World. I’m Lisa, and I’ll be your host this evening (lights dim, disco ball begins its rotation). Ahem.

Semi-Material World reflects just one of my current fixations: how we might navigate pathways to happier, lighter, and generally more kick-ass lives through the critical application of minimalism and simplification in a complex material world. I should admit straight away that I’m an in-progress minimalist (read: with a lot of stuff), and that I don’t accept ideological or value statements about “stuff” being all bad, all the time without a lot of questioning and soul-searching. Let’s take it from there, shall we?

Currently, I live and work in the excellent but sometimes wintry metropolis of Toronto, Ontario, where I share my home with a deaf geriatric dog, my foxy spouse, and our crazy-fun, almost 3-year-old son. I’ve also been, at various points, all of the following: a self-employed small business owner, policy advisor for the provincial government, literary mag editor, educational consultant, grad student, English and drama teacher, musician and performer of strange and occasionally ridiculous songs, and writer of fiction and non-fiction.

If you like, shoot me an email at semimaterialworld@gmail.com.

More to come…hope you enjoy your visit!


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